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Marketing Director - Areswear

"Carl's ability to understand our business was clear from the first of many research projects he help us with. With his research he was able to enhance our web effectiveness. We have used his valuable information to increase our web revenue and lower our digital marketing costs."


CEO, DBP Equipment

"We averaged 3 web site visits per month. When we engaged First Look, our total hits jumped to over 50 / day within a few months. Sales leads went from 1 or 2 per month to 3 to 4 per day.

"My website has been live for some time when we realized that we were not getting the kind of response we had targeted. Since working with First Look, the volume of responses we are receiving has skyrocketed."

"Our website was an island in the ocean. No one could find it until we worked with First Look. They were able to take our web site to the next level"



"I found First Look to be extremely easy to work with. I didn't know anything about driving customers to my site, but First Look knew it all, and brought results."


President, Lang Stone

"We were looking to increase stone sales via the web. The website was getting "hits" but what we didn't realize all the hits were return visitors, looking for information (phone number, pictures of stone samples). We needed new customers. First Look made it happen, increasing our web hits by over 100%. We never imagined the potential of optimizing our website nor the immediate results! Best of all, it was new business which is additional sales. It continues to be a great investment."


Energy Strategies Group, LLC

"First Look SEO worked with my business from the ground, up.  They were able to come in, analyze our needs  then work with us to develop a successful web strategy.  They brought to the table a lot of experience from web design, marketing analytics and implementation services.  They were very responsive to our needs and understood what it took to help my business get started."