First Look monthly services will maintain your search engine positions for you on a monthly basis. We will include ranking reports and make all the necessary changes to keep your site getting the first look or 'On-Top'.

Like any marketing campaign, you must stay ahead of your competition as they are continually optimizing their web site to compete with yours. First Look understands what it takes to stay ahead and will take on the role of monitoring, reporting and servicing your site so that you can stay on top and be given the 'first look'.

You can now focus on your business! First Look will provide the expertise to give you back some of your time and allow you to do what you do best, growing your business.

" First Look SEO worked with my business from the ground, up.  They were able to come in, analyze our needs  then work with us to develop a successful web strategy.  They brought to the table a lot of experience from web design, marketing analytics and implementation services.  They were very responsive to our needs and understood what it took to help my business get started."
- Tony, ESG

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Website Analysis

How effective is your website? How can you use the web and it's marketing effect to it's full potential? Let people know about your business but most importantly, bring in additional business. First Look will analyze your site and offer recommendations on how to bring more business. Use the power of the Internet to attract new business!

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Search Engine Optimization

It is estimated there are over 500 million Internet searches each day. Yes, we said 500 million. Many of these searches are individuals or companies looking to purchase products. People worldwide, looking for a specific product or service. Think of how your business could benefit from new business, many outside of your marketing area. It is said the average person will only look through the first 25 search entries. Where does your website rank now? Look no more. We will focus on putting your website at the top of the list so that you capture potential customers' first look.

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Pay Per Click Management

Relatively new, pay per click is the most economical way to attract new business. On-line marketing companies are one of the fastest growing segments in the advertising business. Companies like Google, Yahoo and MSN are realizing the financial benefit of on-line advertising. First Look can help you evaluate the best and most profitable way to use these new tools. We can help you establish a daily, weekly, monthly budget and work with you to maximize the return.

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Web Analytics

How is your website performing? How many 'hits' do you get each day? How many times is your web site displayed in searches? Which pages of your website are viewed most frequently and of the ones which are, what are the most effective and bringing in the business? First Look will help you find the answers to these questions. We will analyze the search results and provide reports showing you how your site is doing. It's critical to monitor this activity in order to stay ahead of your competition. Remember, if you don't improve your site, your competition will improve theirs!

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Search Engine Submission

Why wait for the search engines to come to you when you can push your information to them? First Look SEO will work with the most popular search engines to ensure your information gets to them. Through index submission, site submission, we will make sure they know about you.

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Localized Search Optimization

Is you're business in a single geographic area? Would you benefit from searchers finding your website who actually reside in you're business area? First Look can help. We can help you optimize your site so that it gets displayed only when potential clients are looking in your area.

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ERP/Web Site Integration

For larger customers the process of maintaining information for search needs can be time consuming. Search engines rely on text based data. Any information kept on backend databases are foreign to the search robots, thus will not be indexed. We can help create processes which will take the effort out keeping web site search text up to date.

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On-Line Ordering

Would your business benefit from being able to take orders at anytime? First Look can assist in setting up web based on-line ordering systems. From entering orders, checking order status, and credit card payments, we will assist in selecting the proper solution and implementing that solution tailored to your needs and budget.

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Key Word Analysis

One of the most important aspects of search engines is the use of proper keywords. Keywords are words which are scanned by search robots which try to describe what your web-site is all about. It's critical to have a proper keywords analyzed to attract the correct customer. First Look works with you and uses state of the art tools, to define and continually update keywords which pertain to your business.

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Link Popularity Building

Link popularity is the term used to indicate how many other web pages link to your website (or pages within your website). This is fast becoming one of the most important factors in determining page rank. The importance of link popularity to your website's overall visibility in natural search results is estimated at about 30% of all factors affecting your keyword rankings. Depending on the website this percentage can vary. The value of link popularity as a part of your overall optimization strategy and resources must be dedicated to building link popularity if you wish to have a success SEO campaign.

Our link popularity building campaign can help you obtain incoming links from high-quality sites, which complement your business. Not only will this increase your popularity in algorithm-based search engines but it will also drive valuable traffic to your site.

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Web Site Monitoring

Do you know when your website is not available? First Look SEO monitoring service will validate the site is up and running and if not we will automatically send you an email advising you of the situation.

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Web Site Design

Often overlooked, Web design plays a key role in turning web visits into business and guaranteeing buyer confidence. Poorly designed sites will hurt your business in the long run. Our graphic designers are trained in delivering the maximum web site experience and ensure the maximum return for every visitor to your site.